Комплексні рішення для очистки стічних вод


Ekosystem Ukraine«Ekosystem Ukraine» LTD – Czech company spokesman EKOSYSTEM sro in Ukraine since 2001. The main activities of the company is to clean up municipal and industrial wastewater, technology development and technical preparation of drinking water, as well as making any containers made ​​of polypropylene.

«Ekosystem Ukraine» LTD effectively solves the problems of water management at a high level:

In the field of the treatment of potable and industrial water:

  • drafting of standard and special cleaning groundwater and surface water, including removal of Fe, Mn, NH4+, NO2-, NO2-, heavy metals, Rn and CO2;
  • software production, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for the specified water treatment, including the use of techniques such as microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ozonation;
  • hygienic drinking water (chlorination, ozonation, UV – radiation), analytical, and operational control of water treatment;
  • reconstruction of water treatment equipment, reconstruction of water treatment plants and water supply, construction of the supply and distribution of drinking and industrial water;
  • sale of water treatment equipment.

In the field of treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater:

  • determination of necessary laboratory tests and model production;
  • development projects in the field of integrated water management solutions issues in the field of wastewater utilities and industrial water;
  • implementation of integrated supply of water systems “turnkey” (wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewer systems, water supply, etc.);
  • installation of technological systems in ecology (wastewater treatment plants, oil separators substances fat separators, pumping stations and mines, etc.);
  • ensuring supply of technological equipment of private wastewater treatment systems.