Комплексні рішення для очистки стічних вод

About Us

logo_x2EKOSYSTEM company founded in 1991. Strategically it is focused on products in the field of ecology and public utilities engaged in the production of welded structural components made ​​of plastic. The activity of the company began to address issues of environmental older ballasts.Due to the growth needs of the society the company expanded through activities such as treatment of drinking and process water , cleaning of communal and industrial waste water, water management complex decision problems. The company’s activities on the issue of product offerings in water management is carried out in a wide range starting from a technical and project preparation, through production and installation of manufacturing equipment and finishing supplies complete investment units. To one of the main activities of the company include professional consulting activities in environmental areas , such as the development of audit for the purposes of privatization , risk analysis and impact assessment of structures and technologies on the environment (EIA, IPPC). In 1995 he built a new specialized production for the production of welded containers and other articles of plastic pieces for utilities, which are successfully marketed in Europe.To carry out the above activities the company has established a framework that provides a research and experimental development, construction solutions , producing a number of technological equipment and construction of devices designed primarily for disinfection of contaminated water and soil, treatment of drinking or process water , as well as facilities for municipal economy different nature. Most of the equipment which is proposed company is based on its own ” know-how “. As a result, long-time efforts to improve the quality of services and products in February 2000 was received Certificate of quality management system in accordance with European Standard ISO 9001. In addition, employees have a high professional level, which is an essential condition of high quality products .The company currently EKOSYSTEM is a leading European companies active in the field of applied ecology, and is a regular producer of the associated equipment both Ukrainian and European markets.