Комплексні рішення для очистки стічних вод


  • What material is produced container? Do I need it to concrete?

    Capacity is made of high quality material – polypropylene. It is characterized by high impact strength, abrasion resistance, low vapor permeability and gas permeability. Polypropylene is insoluble in organic solvents, resistant to the act of boiling water, alkalis, sunlight is not subject to stress corrosion cracking.Tanks are self-supporting structures do not require concreting.

  • Does the ongoing maintenance of equipment?

    Equipment for biological wastewater treatment, subject to the operating rules do not require constant maintenance.

  • What cleaning facility I need?

    Calculating the construction makes our firm. Selection, inspection, site visit is free.

  • Where to put clean water?

    Water after cleaning can take away in drainage trenches, use drip irrigation for the garden and the garden used as industrial water for washing and other needs to throw in the pond (under current legislation).

  • Does are producing capacity on demand?

    Thus, the company makes any capacity polypropylene according to your requirements and needs.

  • Where to activated sludge treatment plants to run?

    For the introduction of the treatment equipment with activated sludge is delivered effectively working station activation of biological wastewater treatment company Ecosystem Ukraine.